Posted August 11, 2017

Celebrate Science Week With Us

From the 12-20 August, it’s Science Week and what better way to celebrate than combining your love of film and science?

We love science here at Fed Square and have teamed up with Australia’s Science Channel to screen SCINEMA International Science Film Festival on Fed TV. On Friday 18 August, between 9am-5pm, you can get comfy in the Main Square and be wowed by the beauty of science.

The film on show include the following:

NEX (SCINEMA Award for Technical Merit) – Philipp Buschauer, Michael Loithaler and Marlene Raml

EINSTEIN-ROSEN (SCINEMA Award for Best Short Film) – Olga Osorio

PANGOLINS IN PERIL – A STORY OF RARE SCALES (SCINEMA Award for Scientific Merit) – Muhammad Ali Ijaz

THE PURPLE PLAIN (SCINEMA Award for Best Director) – Kim Albright

THINK LIKE A SCIENTIST: NATURAL SELECTION IN AN OUTBREAK (SCINEMA Award for Best Experimental/Animation Film) – Nate Dappen and Neil Losin

FIX AND RELEASE (SCINEMA Award for Best Documentary) – Scott Dobson

TEST TUBE BABES (SCINEMA Special Jury Award) – Alice Wade

OWSIA (DARKENED WATER) (SCINEMA Award for Best Film) – Alireza Dehghan

A STORY FROM SPACE (SCINEMA Finalist) – Joseph Childs and Iro Tsavala

DISH LIFE (SCINEMA Finalist) – Chloë Thomas

NORTHERN QUOLLS (SCINEMA Finalist) – Georgia Beattie


DESTINATION: MARS (SCINEMA Finalist) – Mark Starowicz

Vote for your favourite film to award the SCINEMA People’s Choice prize for 2017.  Head to  to cast your vote and go in the draw to win a GoPro Hero5 camera.

Share your screening!  Use the hashtag #SCINEMA2017 and tag @RiAus on Instagram and Twitter.